About us


Smart Reporting Solutions is a team of skilled consultants with long-time experience in reporting in the services sector (reports design, process optimization) and software developers (development of professional reporting tools and minor applications for process-automation).

We help our clients improve their business by:
  • - In-depth analyses
  • - Using proven reporting tools

The value added of our methods is:
  • - Efficient evaluation of key indicators
  • - Saving plenty of your time and costs, as well as increased productivity while at least retaining current quality of your products and services

Why choose us?

- We put satisfaction of our customers first.
We build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust.

- Original solutions.
We offer our own solution designed within MS Excel framework offering plenty of functionalities for minimum costs. We implement our solutions into your business processes.

- Know how
We are a team of experts with long-time experience in reporting and we would like to help you with setting up your operational metrics (KPIs).

- Customizing our products to individual customers’ needs.
Our products and services can be adjusted to your individual demands so as our solution brings you the greatest value-added possible.

- Active approach
We do not sell our tools unquestioningly but we actively seek solutions for measiuring and presentation of your data. Working closely with our clients, we implement new ideas and new procedures into practice for greater customer benefit.

- We work with you until the implementation is complete
- Your business is alpha and omega for us. We fully understand that implementation is not the final stop, we offer subsequent service support.